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Defence security cyber Summer School I Du 6 au 10 juillet 2015

Economy Military strategy Cyberdefence External security Technology Global security Law Big data Defence Peace Innovation Internal security


Find here all scheduled presentations from july 6 to july 10. The theme for this year wil be  “Robots, SALA and drones: issues surrounding the automation of security and defence”.

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Keynote lecture: « Democracies facing the new global threats »
Sir David Omand GCB
Former director of the Government Communication Headquarters and advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair on security and intelligence

Theme for the 2015 Session: “Robots, SALA and drones: issues surrounding the automation of security and defence

  • The legal issues surround the robotisation of the battlefield
    (Dr Eric J. Pomes, CREC Saint-Cyr)
  • The military use of drones: technical and ethical issues
    (Colonel J.-Christophe Noël, CAPS-Min. des Aff. Etr.)
  • Drones in airspace: “retex” on armament programmes and the challenges of civilian drones
    (Luc Boureau, Airbus)
  • Thinking ahead to the automation of future air weapons systems
    (Gal (2s) Jean-Marc Laurent, Chaire D&A)


  • The concept of strategic autonomy in French legal doctrine: rhetoric and reality
    (Dr Olivier Zajec, Associate Professor, University of Lyon III)
  • The situation of the Levant in the Near- and Middle East
    (Dr Pierre Razoux, Director of Research, IRSEM-Ecole militaire)
  • The African peace and security architecture: appropriation and Africanization under cover of external support to the continent
    (Dr Patrick Ferras, CSBA)
  • The French defence economy in its European environment
    (Dr Jean Belin, Associate Professor, chaire IHEDN)
  • European defence: capability and industrial ambitions
    (Guillaume de La Brosse, Strategy and Policy Officer, European Defence Agency)
  • Overview of business confidentiality
    (Claude Revel, Interministerial Delegate for Economic Intelligence/Dr Floran Vadillo, University of Bordeaux-CMRP)
  • Adapting the maintenance of law and order to new forms of violence
    (Colonel of the gendarmerie Pierre Casaubieilh, commander of the CNFEG)
  • The importance of Big Data technologies in the context of Defence and Security applications
    (Dr Stephan Brunessaux and Alexandre Papaemmanuel, Airbus DS CIS)
  • Big-data mapping at the service of strategic and territorial intelligence
    (Dr Guillaume Farde, Associate Director, Spallian)
  • Processing and analysing information: methods and security tools
    (Dr Philippe Capet, Ektimo)
  • Photonics and its industrial applications
    (Hervé Floch, Managing Director, Route des Lasers Competitiveness Cluster)
  • Official cyber doctrines in China
    (Dr. Daniel Ventre, CNRS (CESDIP/GERN), Holder of the "Cyber défense et Cyber sécurité Saint-Cyr Sogeti Thales" Chair)
  • Acting in the semantic dimension of cyberspace
    (Dr François-Bernard Huyghe, Director or Research, IRIS)
  • ISS law in its international context
    (Dr Eve Tourny)
  • Adapting the armed forces to cyber threats
    (Air force Brigadier General Bruno Maurice, commanding the air assault brigade in support of aviation manoeuvres and airfield engineering)

The Summer School will be complemented by visits and tours (Laser Megajoule, “Côte d’Argent” Rafale squadron at Mont-de-Marsan, Dassault assembly line (subject))